Blowers Quick 861 dw


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ORIGINAL Rework Station QUICK 861DW Hot Air Blower For IC Chip Repairing


  • With CH1, CH2, CH3 three working channels, and each channel can be set to the amount of wind, and temperature.
  • Password protection and key lock function.
  • Facilitate real-time operation, with magnetic switch control lever is placed in the handle holder immediately into hibernation.
  • With automatic sleep function, in a dormant state parameters can be set.
  • Sensor closed loop, microcomputer zero trigger temperature control, power, heating quickly, easily and precisely adjust the temperature stable, free from the influence of wind.
  • The use of brushless vortex blower, air flow adjustable, wide range, can be adapted to a variety of uses.

The system has an automatic cooling function of wind capacity, extend the life of the heating element and protect the hot air handle.
Power: 1000W
Voltage: AC 220V
Temperature range: 100 °C ~ 500 °C Air volume
ratio range: 1 to 120 Maximum
air flow: 120L / min
Dimensions: 188 (L) × 245 (D) × 135 (H) mm



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